Apr 152010

LCA 2011 – Linux.conf.au 16th January – 22nd January 2011

Brisbane, Australia

What a week!  This has been a very busy couple of weeks for me, spending 2 weeks working in Malaysia and Vietnam and then flying back to Brisbane to host a meeting of previous LCA organisers (ghosts).  The LCA 2011 team spent both Saturday and Sunday discussing a whole range of items to ensure that we run the best conference ever.   Coinciding with this event we have been able to release the official dates for the conference as being held in January – this is good news to all thos that have sent me an email during and after LCA2010 asking for the conference not to be held in February.  I know we are not able to always please everyone – though we obviously have tried our best to do so.

The team has some nice things (and different) planned for the conference and as more details become confirmed I will post these here and in other social network forums.  We will also be communicating via all of the normal LCA channels.  Obviously there are a few things that we will not be releasing to people and hoping to keep as a surprise.  More details soon :-)

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