May 082010

….LCA2011 is really getting closer and the Zookeepr Hackfest this weekend really reinforces this.  It was great to see so many people turn up to QUT early this morning to for a general LCA meeting and then many stay to continue “playing” with Zookeepr.  I still really can not believe that people actually arrived for an 8am meeting, because as you would know, in geek land 8am is a fairly rare time to be awake.  I really really struggled to be awake at this time – but with my youngest daughter turning 3 this morning she was awake at 6am to tell me kow much she had grown (and to look for her presents).

This weekend promises to see quite a few changes integrated into Zookeepr , which in turn means that we are getting even closer to launching the system to the public.  So all of you out there waiting for the call for proposals – the wait will be soon over.  There seems to be some really neat things planned for the 2011 conference and I really should empty my camera and through up a few pics of recent events.

More on LCA2011 soon and for all of those out there who are keen to given suggestions/feedback for LCA2011, please visit and fill out the form – did I mention there are prizes which we will be announcing soon??  Now time to drag myself away from the computer and internet (or as someone recently referred to as the new age ball and chain).

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