Aug 312010

The lca2011 papers team has been working quite hard since the call for papers closed a couple of weeks ago.  Some of the team met on the weekend and while many of us worked quite hard to arrive at the final outcome  there was some of us that just “monkeyed” around a little!!!

lca2011 face2face

lca2011 papers team hard at work during the face2face

some just have to monkey around

some just have to monkey around

The good news is that we hope to contact everyone over the next week and confirm a draft schedule.  The list of presentations for lca2011 looks very exciting and I am sure there is something there that will appeal to everyone from the technical to the end-users to the newbies.  This also means that we will soon be one step closer to being able to also open up registrations.

  2 Responses to “lca2011 papers reviewing now complete”

  1. That must have been photoshopped :-)

  2. …if it is, then its 1 great effort at photoshopping (or gimping) :-)

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