I am an educator, researcher, author, project manager and web and system administrator.

I currently work as a senior lecturer in ICT education where my work focuses on new and emerging technologies as well as teaching units in digital media (film, animation and photography), programming, information systems and project management.  In this role I also manage several Linux and Apple servers for the Faculty.

I have been a Home Economics, Mathematics, Science and IT teacher in secondary schools, with some experience in primary school teaching. I have also worked with developing countries in the area of education for the past 8 years and have presented papers on ICT education to a number of internationally recognised conferences.

In my work both locally and internationally, I have worked with indigenous groups and ethnic minority groups with my most recent experiences being with the Sami people of Lap Lap land in northern Norway.

I have been a strong advocate of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) since the mid to late 90s and am currently the director of linux.conf.au 2011 – http://linux.conf.au

Brief Curriculum Vitae for Dr Shaun Nykvist, PhD

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