Sep 212010

lca2011 is really ramping up with lots of work happening behind the scenes, however, the latest development has been the public release of the conference schedule (draft format at present).  This can be found at and I am really sure there is something there for most people.  The call for papers for the miniconfs […]

Sep 142010

The lca2011 team have been working hard to come up with a selection of awesome and inspiring keynote speakers for lca2011.  Consequently, Mark Pesce, an inventor, writer, educator and broadcaster, has accepted an invitation to be a keynote speaker for the conference.  Many may be familiar with Mark as a panelist and judge on the ABC’s […]

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Sep 082010

Over the past few years I have had to travel quite a lot for work with many projects in Vietnam, Malaysia and parts of Europe.  More recently, I have tried to always have a good family dinner before leaving and this time there was to be no exception.  I was to travel to a small […]

Aug 272010

After a long couple of nights reviewing miniconfs for lca2011, it looks like we will be making some really awesome announcements very soon.  I think we have chosen a large selection of miniconfs that will really capture the interests of everyone in the community – though we have some logistics to still discuss.  The papers […]

Aug 242010

Who in their right mind would own bee’s –  just to be able to steal their beautiful golden honey at the cost of about 10 (now painful) stings! My forearms currently resemble something from popeye and hurt every time I bump them.  There must have been something in the air today, as I can generally […]

Aug 232010

The last couple of months have been really hectic with so much happening on every front – except the free diving and scuba diving front.  However, the good news in all of this chaos and lack of diving, is that the call for proposals for lca2011 has seen some excellent submissions which is going to […]

Aug 082010

Some great news for those who have not yet submitted their proposals for lca2011 – the call for proposals (cfp) has now been extended to the 14th August, 2010.  The team will still be accepting proposals in each of the categories; papers tutorials miniconfs posters If you have forgotten about the conference or have just […]

Jul 152010

Its been a while coming – but finally the lca2011 call for papers has been announced – please go to for more information on this.  This year the lca2011 team has also made a call for Posters in addition for the common call for Presentations, Miniconfs and Tutorials.  If you know of people that […]