Jun 172010

The first 5 winners for the LCA2011 competition have been announced on the Linux-Aus and LCA-Announce mailing lists as well as the linux.conf.au group on Facebook, Twitter and identi.ca.  The LCA2011 team will be using all these mediums and others to make any LCA2011 announcements.  If you are not a member of the LCA-Announce mailing […]

May 122010

…is it really possible to sleep dive?  Having had some very long days/weeks recently and getting all my sleeping/waking times confused I think it really is possible.  I must have woken at some unfathomable time (lets just say it was pitch black outside) this morning while it was still a chilling 12 degrees and decided […]

May 082010

….LCA2011 is really getting closer and the Zookeepr Hackfest this weekend really reinforces this.  It was great to see so many people turn up to QUT early this morning to for a general LCA meeting and then many stay to continue “playing” with Zookeepr.  I still really can not believe that people actually arrived for […]

May 062010

For those of us who play with various Linux distro’s in VM’s (usually because we have to), I came across a little problem with the keyboard input not being available after a recent upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 from 9.04. The key to solving this little dilemma seemed to be to use the accessibility option and […]

Apr 232010

The firmware update for the Olympus MFT bodies has recently been released and it touts an improved  auto focus for these mirrorless DSLR cameras.  I haven’t had a good play yet as I am bogged down in Marking but took a little break to test the improvements.  I did notice some improvement, however, for the […]