Apr 172010

What a week – I am sure the last 3 weeks have just blended into 1 very very long week.  I never though that this week would ever end – its been so full of surprises (and just ridiculous emails).  I think it was all topped off with a couple of my servers going offline late Thursday night and after some preliminary investigation, my concern being “where is the building”.  I thought these could wait to the next day with the servers being important – but not that critical for a late night drive. Next morning I arrive to find that the section of the building with the servers located in it just didn’t have power.  Who killed my power!!!!  A couple of very long extension cords and servers are online – temporary until someone finds out how to restore power to that section of the building.

Today has been long with a workshop in the morning and a very long but positive LCA2011 meeting in the afternoon.  It was good to see that we have some really awesome stuff planned for LCA2011 and its all starting to come together.  Some weeks just seem to be more productive than others. I can’t wait to be able to make some of the announcements (and keep some things as a surprise).

I now hear rain which hopefully means that if it will still be around in the morning and our grass can continue to grow uninterrupted by loud annoying lawn mowers.  It may just be a free day after  all tomorrow (though I will probably spend half the day fighting the flu that my two lovely girls have given me).