Sep 082010

Over the past few years I have had to travel quite a lot for work with many projects in Vietnam, Malaysia and parts of Europe.  More recently, I have tried to always have a good family dinner before leaving and this time there was to be no exception.  I was to travel to a small arctic town called Alta in the far north of Norway and I knew I had to do something a little better than takeaway (especially if I was to visit family in Germany).  I decided quite early in the morning, on sunrise (the day before I left), to swim off the coast and try to find a few crayfish for a beautiful thai style crayfish soup that I developed many years ago when I was teaching hospitality.  After swimming a couple of kilometres, I eventually found a couple of reasonable sized crayfish in about 8 – 10m of water.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the crayfish soup made up for the fact I was travelling to Europe – but it was a great soup, and I have heard that the leftovers were great.  It was also fun to try and find these elusive little cockroach type animals hiding in the rocks and coral.

a parting crayfish

Crayfish thai soup on the menu