Feb 052011

linux.conf.au 2011 is now over  and its time to catch up on a few hundred hours of sleep (after a little packing up and cleaning).  It is amazing how much work still has to be done after the conference has finished, but I am hopeful (perhaps skeptical) that I will have most of it out of the way before I officially go back to work in a weeks time.

The conference was awesome,  given the many challenges the team had to endure before, during and after the event.  lca2011 will truly be a conference the   whole team (and many others) will remember for a long time to come.  While we were unable to deliver everything we had hoped for (time and financial constraints due to floods), the majority of the feedback has been extremely positive.  There were a few interesting requests during the conference that added extra challenges (such as tethering a helium balloon 100m above the university oval) and the rocketry miniconf near the NOC kept us fairly high on paint fumes for many of the days they were constructing their rockets.

Reflecting back on the event – we had a venue (eventually), we had great speakers and delegates, supportive sponsors, a working network with Internet prior to the conference (even with a little IPv6 thrown in here and there) and great food.  The PDNS at the Maritime museum saw fine weather and a relaxed environment (even with some food left over from the catering) with a few fireworks thrown in across the river.  Interestingly, we also managed to have many video’s uploaded to http://linuxconfau.blip.tv/ during the conference which was a credit to our AV team and the many hours of planning and training that they undertook.  Once encoding is finished all the video’s will be available at the Linux Australia Mirror (as per usual).  The speakers dinner was a real drumming event where everyone was able to get in to the rhythm and hit drums as hard as they could – an event that received continual praise from many speakers during the week.  The penguin dinner was relaxed and perhaps a little slow to kick off the fund raising activities – however a total of $23 239 was raised for the Qld Flood Appeals and another $5000 for the Glenleighden School at Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane ($28 239 in total).

Open Day seemed to attract a good crowd of people during the morning while the final day of conference activities was the launch of the Rockets built during the Rocketry miniconf (thanks to Bdale, Keith, AJ and Clinton for their efforts here).  A few of the pics from the rocket launch day can be found at http://fishtank.kangawallafox.com/index.php/linux-conf-au/rockets-lca2011

lca2011 rocket launch day

lca2011 rocket launch day

Rockets, Rockets

Rockets, Rockets and Rockets

preparing for the flight

preparing for the flight

Jan 222011

For most people they will know that there is only 2 more sleeps till an awesome linux.conf.au (lca2011) in Brisbane, at the Qld. University of Technology – Kelvin Grove Campus.

As most people will know from identi.ca, twitter, email and website updates – the lead up to the conference has been fraught with many challenges, but the team has been working hard to ensure that they can provide the very best linux.conf.au experience that they can for all attendee’s while also trying to help friends and family affected by the recent Brisbane floods.  As a consequence of the floods we have also had to move the entire conference venue location as well as deal with the logistics of this and changing many of the events and plans we have been making since we found out about our successful bid 13  mths ago.  Essentially – we have had to change most of our plans (as well as many kool things we had wanted to do) and then achieve it all in about 10 days.

Most of the team has had very little sleep and some of them even seem to be showing signs of being slightly stressed (uncontrollable twitching or twittering, changed vocabulary, poor dress sense and an innate desire to play on loop “Death is not the End” by Nick cave while drinking from enhanced frozen coke. So, if you see one of these creatures floating around the venue, please be kind and smile at them.  If you find something that is not working or not up to the standard you expect – then please go to the registration desk and let us know.  We want this to be a great experience for everyone.

Now – the very special experience we are giving to everyone delegate at this years conference is the opportunity to actually use the switches that Jared and myself rescued from the Brisbane floods while helping clean up. Some of them did need a little tlc but we are confident that this will just enhance the experience for all

…really looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference on Monday morning – especially when we give out the first computer in the welcome talk.  Here are a few pics!

clean boys with cisco switches for lca2011

clean boys with cisco switches for lca2011

Saturday night switch config for Urbanest and other area's

Saturday night switch config for Urbanest and other area's

AP config for urbanest

AP config for urbanest

Dec 282010

A long time ago the lca2011 team decided to have a small competition to capture the ideas of what people wanted at the next linux.conf.au.  We received a lot of responses to this including some very very special requests for things like stickers and cup cakes.  However, while we all wanted to have a conference full of stickers and pretty cup cakes and take on board as many other suggestions as feasibly possible, there was one suggestion that the team decided should be taken on board – that was the inclusion of a poster type session.  Alec Clews having made this suggestion through the competition website has received a complimentary conference registration including penguin dinner.  Congratulations from the team Alec!

There is only 26 days to go till lca2011 officially kicks off!  Final decisions on numbers for  many of the different events will be made shortly so if you are intend to be a part of an awesome 2011 linux.conf.au please ensure that you have registered as soon as possible – time is now running out and there is a lot planned for lca2011 delegates.  A lot of  the plans for lca2011 are now falling into place and the team will be even busier in the next couple of weeks leading up to the conference. We have also received some really cool Loongson lemote mini computers which will be given away during the conference – a few more details on these shortly. Most of the goodies for the schwag bag have arrived and are awaiting being packed while we are also testing the  Internet connections to the main accommodation venue at Urbanest (straight across the river from the conference venue at South Brisbane).

Nov 072010

With just over 24hrs to go till registrations close for lca2011 we only have a few early bird registrations left to sell which means it is very likely that they could close before midnight on the 8th November. If you are keen to grab one of these discounted registrations then please make sure you visit the registration page as soon as possible and register and pay (you must pay to get the early bird rate).  For those of you also looking for the volunteer form please also see the volunteer page.

Oct 282010

The early bird tickets for linux.conf.au 2011 are selling quickly with over half of them sold.  It really looks as though they will sell out before the 8/11/2010 so if you are keen to take advantage of these discounted prices I would suggest that you act on this as soon as possible.  The conference is on target to be another great lca with an awesome line up of keynote speakers, and other conference speakers and activities.  The Rocket miniconf is also proving to be very popular  with numbers growing quickly.  There will be a launch of the rockets on the Sunday after the main conference finishes (30/01/2011) so this should also be a heap of fun – especially from some of the ideas I am hearing about what people want to build.

Oct 212010

Some great news – Dr Vint Cerf is to be a keynote speaker at lca2011 – http://linux.conf.au.  Widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet,” Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet.  For more information please see the oficial announcement on the lca2011 web site – http://lca2011.linux.org.au/media/news/70

Oct 142010

yippee! lca2011 registrations are now open – here is a direct link to the prices http://lca2011.linux.org.au/register/prices.  Please note that there have been a few changes to things this year, though we have tried to keep prices as low as possible for a the 5 day conference.  There is also a new miniconf this year which I am sure will excite a number of people in the community – this is the Rocket miniconf which will include a live launch of the rockets built during the miniconf.  There is an additional fee attached to this miniconf and places are limited to 24 so if this is something that interests you I would suggest registering as soon as possible so that you do not miss out.  More announcements soon – for now I need a lot of sleep :-)

Oct 082010

Wow – what a week!  I often forget  just how much work is involved in organising a conference and how important it is  to have a dedicated and committed organising team to make things happen.  As the lead organiser for linux.conf.au 2011 I am very lucky to have such a great team that will work such long hours in their own time to ensure that the conference will be a success.  Over the last few days, weeks and months there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to make lca2011 a conference to remember.  We had intended to open registrations a couple of weeks ago, however due to some added functionality and some really cool changes to the conference we have had to change a few things (which were not trivial) this year which has taken a little more preparation time.  Having said that though, we really are only a few days away from making the registrations live.  I know there are many people waiting on this and wanting to plan all sorts of things in preparation for the conference.

I know that without the team I am working with, I really would be lost and want to acknowledge all the hard work and long hours they are putting into the conference.  I hope to release a number of media statements over the next week or two which I know will excite quite a few people.  More updates very very soon and to all those students out there in the community, I think you will also be very happy with what we have done in terms of costs for the conference.

Oct 032010

The third confirmed keynote speaker for lca2011 is the Chief Scientist at the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), the Regional Internet Registry serving the Asia Pacific region. He is an author and researcher who has been closely involved with the development of the Internet for many years, particularly in Australia, where he is known for the initial build of the Internet within the Australian academic and research sector with the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet).  lca2011 gives a hearty welcome to Geoff Huston.

Please see the full media release at http://lca2011.linux.org.au/media/news/58

Sep 232010

The second confirmed keynote speaker for lca2011 is the original author of Sendmail, co-founder and Chief Scientist of Sendmail, Inc., and co-author of Sendmail, published by O’Reilly and Associates.  lca2011 gives a hearty welcome to Eric Allman. We know that his work has had a profound effect on how  people across the globe have communicated and there is no doubt that this is going to be another great keynote not to be missed.  For the media release please see http://lca2011.linux.org.au/media/news/56