Sep 212010

lca2011 is really ramping up with lots of work happening behind the scenes, however, the latest development has been the public release of the conference schedule (draft format at present).  This can be found at and I am really sure there is something there for most people.  The call for papers for the miniconfs is also currently happening, so if you are keen to be a presenter in one of the many miniconfs then please visit and check out the various links to the miniconfs.  If all goes according to plans we hope to also open the registrations shortly and make a few more really cool announcements.

Sep 072010

For those of you who have not been following the lca2011 news, the results for the lca2011 miniconfs have now been publicly released – please see the lca2011 latest news. Sarah has been continuously working to get this out so quickly after the recent decisions by the lca2011 papers team and should be commended on all this hard work.  There are a few new miniconfs this year as well as the good old favourites and this is really is going to make it hard for some attendees to make a decision.  The miniconfs will individually be calling for their papers over the next little while  so please watch for these announcements.

Aug 312010

The lca2011 papers team has been working quite hard since the call for papers closed a couple of weeks ago.  Some of the team met on the weekend and while many of us worked quite hard to arrive at the final outcome  there was some of us that just “monkeyed” around a little!!!

lca2011 face2face

lca2011 papers team hard at work during the face2face

some just have to monkey around

some just have to monkey around

The good news is that we hope to contact everyone over the next week and confirm a draft schedule.  The list of presentations for lca2011 looks very exciting and I am sure there is something there that will appeal to everyone from the technical to the end-users to the newbies.  This also means that we will soon be one step closer to being able to also open up registrations.

Aug 272010

After a long couple of nights reviewing miniconfs for lca2011, it looks like we will be making some really awesome announcements very soon.  I think we have chosen a large selection of miniconfs that will really capture the interests of everyone in the community – though we have some logistics to still discuss.  The papers team will also meet this Saturday to focus on the papers proposals, which means we will soon be able to start confirming other speakers (and ensuring that the idea of sleep is really just a dream).

Now to answer one of the questions that I have been receiving over the last couple of days/weeks – who are our keynotes for lca2011?  At this stage all I can say is that we will have some really interesting announcements as registrations draw a little closer.

Aug 232010

The last couple of months have been really hectic with so much happening on every front – except the free diving and scuba diving front.  However, the good news in all of this chaos and lack of diving, is that the call for proposals for lca2011 has seen some excellent submissions which is going to make it hard for the papers team to select from.  The papers team is currently in the process of reviewing with a face to face meeting happening this Saturday in Sydney.  This means there will be some really cool announcements coming shortly.  It is also anticipated that registrations will follow these announcements, though there is still quite a few things that the team need to do before this happens.  For those of you wanting to know about miniconfs – these announcements will also be made available very, very soon.  Things are really starting to come together for the conference with the whole team working on this in any spare time that they find.

Aug 082010

Some great news for those who have not yet submitted their proposals for lca2011 – the call for proposals (cfp) has now been extended to the 14th August, 2010.  The team will still be accepting proposals in each of the categories;

  • papers
  • tutorials
  • miniconfs
  • posters

If you have forgotten about the conference or have just not had time to put in a proposal now is the time.  If you are unsure about your ideas then please contact the lca2011 team or myself.  We have received some great submissions to date and are really looking forward to reviewing these.  More information about the cfp can be found at –

Jul 152010

Its been a while coming – but finally the lca2011 call for papers has been announced – please go to for more information on this.  This year the lca2011 team has also made a call for Posters in addition for the common call for Presentations, Miniconfs and Tutorials.  If you know of people that you would like to see present at this conference, then please give them a little nudge to make a submission.  The site will continue to evolve over the next few months until the conference, so please make sure you check back regularly or subscribe to one of the many feeds that exist e.g. twitter,  facebook.  It has been another late night for me so I am hopefully going to go and steal a couple of hours sleep before the morning hits me with the normal school drop offs and work duties.  Thanx to everyone for their patience while we have got this out – there have been a plethora of issues we have had to work through since Christmas last year, but it will be another to remember.  We have lots of exciting things planned and will do our best to accommodate the many suggestions we have received since the brilliant Wellington conference in January.

Jun 172010

The first 5 winners for the LCA2011 competition have been announced on the Linux-Aus and LCA-Announce mailing lists as well as the group on Facebook, Twitter and  The LCA2011 team will be using all these mediums and others to make any LCA2011 announcements.  If you are not a member of the LCA-Announce mailing list you can join at to be kept updated.  The LCA2011 team has spent quite a bit of time reading through the suggestions that have been received and looking at the feasibility of many of them – even if it is a suggestion for cupcakes at morning tea :-)  Please also note that the recent announcement includes a slight date change for the conference.  It is now confirmed and locked in from the 24th to the 28th of January, with an open day to be held on the 29th.  This means we will have another LCA conference which includes the Australia Day celebrations.

Jun 152010

The last 3 or 4 weeks have been very busy for the LCA2011 Team with many preparations and changes being made for the conference in January next year.  The team has just spent the Queen’s birthday holiday planning and making further arrangements with a couple of announcements to be released in the next day or two.  The announcement which will be made on the LCA-announce mailing list and other social media such as Facebook and Twitter will include the start of some exciting news for a couple of people who entered the LCA 2011 competition at  For those who are anxious to know more about mini confs and the call for papers/presentations there will also be some updates very, very soon.  Now back to hoping there will be some down time shortly for a scuba dive or free dive :-)

May 082010

….LCA2011 is really getting closer and the Zookeepr Hackfest this weekend really reinforces this.  It was great to see so many people turn up to QUT early this morning to for a general LCA meeting and then many stay to continue “playing” with Zookeepr.  I still really can not believe that people actually arrived for an 8am meeting, because as you would know, in geek land 8am is a fairly rare time to be awake.  I really really struggled to be awake at this time – but with my youngest daughter turning 3 this morning she was awake at 6am to tell me kow much she had grown (and to look for her presents).

This weekend promises to see quite a few changes integrated into Zookeepr , which in turn means that we are getting even closer to launching the system to the public.  So all of you out there waiting for the call for proposals – the wait will be soon over.  There seems to be some really neat things planned for the 2011 conference and I really should empty my camera and through up a few pics of recent events.

More on LCA2011 soon and for all of those out there who are keen to given suggestions/feedback for LCA2011, please visit and fill out the form – did I mention there are prizes which we will be announcing soon??  Now time to drag myself away from the computer and internet (or as someone recently referred to as the new age ball and chain).