May 062010

For those of us who play with various Linux distro’s in VM’s (usually because we have to), I came across a little problem with the keyboard input not being available after a recent upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 from 9.04. The key to solving this little dilemma seemed to be to use the accessibility option and virtual keyboard input.  I did have to restart the VM to get this to work but was then able to use this to successfully login.  Once logged in I was able to use the keyboard and solve the issue by running sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup  in the terminal and reconfigure the various options I was presented with.  This happened to me on 2 different Ubuntu VM’s and after a little bit of reading it seems to be a common problem for those of us who have decided to upgrade our Ubuntu VM’s to 10.04.  Now – on to the next problem for the night (thankfully this was just a minor one).